The personal interest of Dilnavaz Mehta , an art historian and entrepreneur, in ancient India, ethnology, Indian aesthetics and history, led her to conceptualize Hindoostan Revisited.

She conceptualized Hindoostan Revisited as a unique outlet which would sell antiquarian lithographs, etchings, engravings, aquatints, watercolours and prints related to India or Hindoostan (including the areas surrounding India and parts of Asia).

Dilnavaz has constantly endeavoured to provide good quality genuine pieces of antiquarian lithographs, etchings, engravings, aquatints and prints at affordable prices through Hindoostan Revisited.

In a market operated by untrained individuals in India, Hindoostan Revisited is administered and operated in a professional manner by Dilnavaz who has a post graduate Diploma in Indian aesthetics with a specialization in artworks and history of India during the period of the sixteenth to nineteenth century.
Her extensive research and study of prints, paintings, drawings published in and on India and her experience to this field makes Hindoostan Revisited a reliable source for old and rare prints in India.
A customer at Hindoostan Revisited is spoilt for choice and utmost importance is given to customer satisfaction .

To increase awareness about rare, fascinating and historically relevant prints Dilnavaz curates exhibitions on these a regular basis in Bombay. These exhibitions are a much awaited and popular event in the cultural and art calendars of the city of Mumbai (Bombay).

Dilnavaz and her company have been profiled and featured in leading national and international newspapers, magazines and television channels.